Automotive Wheel Repair & Refinishing

Preston Collision certified technicians are experts in wheel refinishing.

Wheel Repair

Here at Preston Collision Centers, we tend to it all – scratches, bends, curb rash, cracks, and corrosion. Whether you’re in need of a wheel straightening, wheel refinishing, remanufacturing, or just looking to change things up with a splash of color, our team can get the job done!

Wheel Services

Wheel Refinishing

Just like a scratch or scrape to your body, wheel scratches and scrapes happen often, are a sore sight, and can lead to corrosion or further damage if repaired incorrectly. Luckily, our qualified technicians are experts in wheel refinishing. Our refinishing process involves carefully removing the wheel from your vehicle and then cleaning, repairing and painting it to match manufacturer guidelines seamlessly.

Do you have custom painted or dipped wheels? No worries! We are happy to restore your wheels back to your custom standards just the same.

Automotive Wheel Repair - Hennessy Collision Center

Wheel Replacement

If the structural integrity of the wheel has been compromised, whether it be from a violent impact, big crack, or extreme bend, our team will recommend a full wheel replacement.

When you have your wheels replaced by us, you won’t have to worry about picking an aftermarket look or fearing for your safety as you drive down the road. We have access to thousands of wheels from all of the top OEM manufacturers at our collision center, allowing us to find an exact match for you.

Wheel Painting

Are you looking for a change? A pop of color? At Preston Collision Centers, we offer color repair and custom wheel painting. Even if there aren’t any scratches or scrapes to cover, this is a great way to give your vehicle a personalized look. Contact us today to learn more!

Auto Wheel Services - Hennessy Collision Center

Wheel Straightening

Hitting a pothole or curb can lead to a bent wheel, which might be difficult to notice at first. What’s more is that a bent wheel can lead to premature tire wear, alignment issues, loss of performance, loss of air pressure and – most importantly – dangerous driving conditions.

If you have a bent rim, our team will straighten and repair your wheel safely and successfully. We will send your wheel through a visual safety inspection, conducted by our estimators to determine whether repair or replacement is the best option for you.

Bends that can be repaired include: non-structural lateral bends, radial bends, and those causing loss of air pressure. Not all bends can be repaired, and we advise you to schedule an appointment with one of our estimators to determine a best course of action.

Vehicle Wheel Repair - Hennessy Collision Center

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